a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


UntitledThe Lord has given me a Ragged Heart. 
But it is a good one
for it is a strong one.
He has shown me as i grow older
all that kept me from walking bolder.
The harrowing secrets, and stowed away cuts
that this life somehow inflicted
like briars in a thicket
as i walked eagerly by
forgetting what lay beside my path.
And my heart grows thinner now.
It aches differently, with a mourning of sorts
and a crying out in the night
'How this? What are we doing here?'
But my Ragged Heart is a good one,
For it is a strong one.
I can keep the night at bay in my God's arms.
He takes the darkness while i walk on.
The valley, its shadows of death do not cease with the sun
but as i make each step forward, my pace is set by One.
One that comforts and holds my hand,
One that bears the burden i can't stand,
Who says 'What else? let me take it from you. I am here .'
And so i know
deep within this little and torn Ragged Heart
That i can go forward
not backward
I am not one stuck in this pace.
Because He is with me.