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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Rose Seidler Fifties Fair

 Last Sunday Alex and i traveled to Wahroonga for an annual dose of the Fifties Fair! The crowd's level of commitment to fifties dress was breathtaking, as was the weather. It's been a while since we've had sunshine and warm afternoons here in Sydney, and a good near-spring soak in nostalgia was well required!
Barefoot inside Rose Seidler House & Vintage sunglasses at the markets
Fitting with the overall atmosphere were a string of little vintage stalls along the main walkway, sporting everything from 40s swimming trunks to Chevy belt-buckles! With a glass-bottle coke in tow, I wore a little beaded cardigan and a baby-blue circle skirt, paired with a satin hat and a pearl bag given to me by my generous and perfectly wonderful aunties for my 21st. It was so special being able to take them along with me!
Rose Seidler House
Alex (the gentleman that he is) treated me to a Johnny Cash record - which i have been looking for since obtaining my record player last year. What a find! We also liberated a little friend from the dusty shelves of fleamarket limbo - but more on that in my next post. In addition, Rose Seidler House was explored, and the best-dressed competition enjoyed (The winning entry for best-dressed family had children kitted up in authentic cowboy and girl-scout costumes! So sweet!).
Tim, a true fifties gentleman, &  the lovely Regan, an old school-fellow, who wowed all in her floral frock and parasol!
At one point the band played Little Bitty Pretty One (shout-out to all the Matilda fans out there),  and i almost gave in to the urge to swingdance. Next year, i will make a point of doing so properly- even if i have to draw numbered footprints on the asphalt in chalk.  To add to the wonder, the event's host was Monica Trapaga; a woman so witty in person that face ached from smiling. Best of all, we bumped into Tim and Jesse, as well as some other beautiful friends, making the day a perfectly lovely outing!
A sneaky snap i took of the photographer himself,
 looking dashing in handsomely vintage sunglasses.
Did any of you other Sydney-goers manage to make your way there?
So much love,