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Friday, August 24, 2012

Victory Dance

Earlier this year, Alex and i attended the GI ''Victory in Europe'' Dance at Elizabeth Bay House. Hosted by the Historical Houses Trust, and filled with pincurls, enthusiasm and uniforms aplenty, it proved to be a most wonderful affair (despite the bar's lack of straws for ladies with lipstick!). The highlights included: swing dancing lessons at 8pm, trying 40s-style appetisers (scotch egg was a personal favorite), eating dessert while playing pick-up sticks with Alex in the wine cellar/gamesroom, and our good friend Tim winning best dressed. Oh, what a lovely evening!
The resulting nostalgia has also lead me to research the world of 1940s slang. While It can at first be hard to get your boots on, and it may make you snap your cap, it's killer-diller - you'll be cooking with gas if you can pick it up!
A pair of would-be ducky shincrackers!
 For a little shared 40s felicity, listen to Rum and Coca-Cola; my favorite Andrews Sisters rendition. You can also explore some official Victory Dance photos here (responsible for the earlier bunting picture) as well as Tim and Jesse's documentation of the fun here.
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