a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Young Heart,

I can see you're trying.
Things seem all too hard sometimes.
Love is as elusive as leaves falling from the trees in autumn.
You reach out your fingers but it twists away a second too soon.
People talk and smile
saying love found them
when they had all but given up.You gave up long ago.
So why are you still aching?
As you walk, the road goes on and on while the leaves and
trees and buildings blur past.
You swear they seem familiar,
but they're whisked away
before you can be sure.Your heart is beating and there is no one to hear it.
You wander alone. Will you ever be deemed worth keeping?
Don't you start thinking love is what gives you your worth.
Don't you stop remembering how dear you actually are.
Don't give up hope.
He is out there.
He is not:
The guy who treats your body like his plaything.
The one who calls you in between relationships.
Someone you will meet in smokey places;
The man with the hungry grin.
Someone you will need to fix.
A heart breaker.
A compromise.
He is:
The one who will love you best.
The one who will pursue you.
The one who will respect your heart, and your body.
Someone who believes in always trying to make it work.
Someone who wants the best for you now and in the future.
Someone who will love all the things about you that you find embarrassing.
Going to find you the most beautiful and incredible woman he's ever met.
Going to tell you you're worth it, and show it.
He is:
Someone worth waiting for.