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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Short Lived Summer

Summery drink ideas

Valentines day sunset
(Alex suprised me with two movies at the Blacktown Drive-in. We even had a speakerbox for the car window!)
This was all before the weather decided to turn (once-again) monsoonal. Oh, Sun, come back soon! Conveniently the rain arrived just in time for my first day of uni. As a result, i have begun retreating into coats and knits and cable-knit socks to mull the beaching-withdrawals. They do go well with my new stack of books for my english major though; The Odyssey, here i come!

Dear oh dear, the rain is here;Day and night,
tears oh
Dearest sky;
Please persevere.

Ps. Happy leap year! What 4th yearly adventures have you lovelies been up to?