a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ask truly

So you look at me with eyes in a different place.
You're in a space i do not know.
Je ne vois pas.
Once open, the trees now pull in their branches.
A trembling hand slowly drawing in its fingers,
as each leaf curls into its neighbour.
A great folding away;
like butterflies growing backwards.'How well do you know me?'
She asks sidelong, inspecting your temples.
With a charcoaled stick she further scrawls away the afternoon-
across the cliffs and onto her ribs, the words:

'What lies inside?'

If you were to shout your name
into the gaps between her teeth,
do you think you would hear an echo?
Would it start from deep within; a reverberating, empty din; off walls beneath her collarbones, in choking drones of heartened tin?

Or even worse, would she hold her breath; reply to you in cold silence, with a steady stare and solid air of someone to be fought? (she only wanted to be sought).

But it's your choice; what if your voice when she's afraid, breaks down all her barricades, and mends a heart with parts well frayed?