a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Friday, March 4, 2011


We can weave magic in tea leaves and inky feathers.
With gossamer thread holding up our wrists and ankles,
We can dance on our toes to the tune of a thousand mothwings.
We don't trust the dawn.I will ask you for the time,
And you will say 'it doesn't exist'
To which i will reply:
'Oh yes,
yes of course,
i quite forgot.'
You are a pretty creature.
There is lavender in your pockets, and ribbon in your hair.
So lets pretend we know better.
Lets breathe onto frosted window panes-
And watch the warmth inside us
As it materialises in a net of crystal droplets.
Lets play with the shadows as they grow longer and longer and longer,
until finally the light dims behind our eyes and creeps out through the windowpane.
Then, with creaking joints and hush-rose cheeks,
We will settle back onto the old bookshelf

In the creaking attic where dust makes space for our delicately nodding heads.
And there, in between the covers of Wonderland and Tennyson;
we curl to dream.