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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gold Canary.

Laneway Festival was incredible, and most importantly, we got to see Cloud Control! (please excuse the poor quality of the above snap. It was taken mid-jump and mid-crowd) Now, indulge in a little of their musical prowess here.
i got to wear my new high-waisted cutoff overalls, which was a definate plus, while also stalking out the many festival outfits. I think Izzy from Views of Now perfectly captures the vibe:

One thing that hits you at an indie music festival is that one person's seemingly individual expression of clothing can look alot like someone elses' . Which leads me to:

Hipster Bingo
The most fun you'll have at a festival (apart from the music)
What you need: a festival, and relatively comprehensive counting skills
What to do: make a note of hipster things to look out for, and count those you see. (We lost count of the number of hipster tattoos at Laneway.) Possible bingo list includes:
  • Laceup boots
  • Quirky tattoos
  • Hair braids
  • High waisted cutoffs
  • Lace singlets
  • 70s print shirts
  • Felt hats
and the list goes on.