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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This could be paradise.

Finally back lovely ones! Here's a little overview of the island setup:
The walkway outside our tents: imagine hearing the ocean waves each night as you drift off to sleep! Turtles came every night to lay their eggs at the top of the beach, and some of them even came up the path to dig a nest. Mum and Dad encountered a turtle one night - it tried to dig right in at their doorway, and tore part of the front flap to pieces (they have a sharp claw on each front flipper for mating and cutting away grass when laying). My parents had to call the camp host for help, who managed to direct it to another spot. Talk about getting in touch with nature!
Dad and i went fishing together a fair bit - and we caught a fair bit too! This spanish mackeral was my best catch - the biggest i have ever caught! i'm big on saving life, and i hate seeing people bringing back a string of fish barely big enough to eat- just for the sake of catching something. Dad and i do it right - we only catch enough to feed our family... and the fish around the reef were so big, most days we only needed one!
Our camp kitchen: note the balloons (it was my sister's 11th birthday during the trip). It was so incredible just living in the midst or everything; we even had a family of rails (a small ground-dwelling bird) exploring our kitchen at every given opportunity, looking for insects to eat!

We were lucky to set up when we did though; the first few days after our arrival were accompanied by intense monsoon type rain - most likely an effect of tropic cyclones, and the same storms causing all the floods on the mainland. Our whole kitched floor got flooded, and our second day there was spent digging trenches and berms around our campground and tent (you can just see it surrounding the kitchen in the picture). we spent three days in swimmers just so we souldnt wet any more of our clothes in the rain. Thankfuly the wind wasn't cold, and the water drained away pretty quickly, so it was alot of fun - a real adventure.
There was also the most amazing sky/sunsets/rainbows in existence.
Oh Musgrave, how i love thee.
P.s. heads up for baby turtles tomorrow!