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Sunday, January 2, 2011

In Limbo

So after getting back my uni results, working practically fulltime at Bardot and having the most wonderful new years eve ever, i am sitting in brisbane, blogging in my cousin Rak's chair(excuse the awful sizing and structure of this post, it's quite confusing using someone elses computer) . It's kind of crazy that the first blog post i have done this year will be the last for the next few weeks - i am on my way to the Barrier reef! Every two years or so my family and i go camping at Lady Musgrave island. It's the bring-your-own-food-and-water type camping (the best kind) and we stay on a beautiful coral island for ten nights, amongst the fledgling birds and hatching and laying turtles:
(nursing an orphaned Noddy back to health)

I have to be super quick, as we are off to the grandparents for dinner, but here are a couple of snaps by Eva, or our last Youthgroup for the year. Love love!

P.s. check out the awesome denim bag and necklace i got as part of my christmas present from the wonderful Lizzy!
And have an incredible new years!!