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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Thought of the day:
Sometimes you've just got to
throw caution to the wind and
be somebody.

A few little housekeeping details:

As you may have noticed, nowadays my whimsicality posts rarely have sourced photos.The reason is that i've been trying to accompany my posts with photos i've taken myself - growing the creative side a little more. it's funny because i dont currently have a camera, So i am surviving off snippets i've taken on holidays or while borrowing someone elses. Just a bit ninja-esqe.

I'm also going into my exams for the next week, so fingers crossed! But i will continue blogging. life shouldn't stop completelyfor statistical maths and evolutionary and functionary biology.

And finally, for posts this week, i had the most magnificent weekend, spending saturday exploring at The Rocks, with markets and jetties and sunshine and happines! there were some lovely pictures taken alongside, which i will be posting soon, but i have a little something to show you from a friend of mine first, hopefully tomorrow afternoon. She's lovely.

And there ends today's chapter!
P.s. The quick snap above was from a little adventure to Purple Sneakers on friday with some very lovely people! it was halloween themed; and i had frankenstein-esque drawn-on wrists (which you sadly cannot see in the picture) what did you pretty creatures get up to?