a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Truth Of The Matter

I think sometimes we can fall into the trap of creating an idealised image of what everything is supposed to be, to the point where we don't enjoy our reality.We forget how wonderful it is that we are young, and remember only bus timetables and the amount of change in our pockets. We stop looking at the sky, focusing instead on the arrangement of our shoelaces. We begin to hate brushing our teeth, because somewhere in between picking up the toothpaste and putting back the brush, we inevitably catch a glimpse of that imperfect person in the mirror, who in our minds is anything but beautiful. We swap energy with apathy, joy with mediochre, and today for the everyday.

So, here's my little challenge for you this week. Lets throw dissatisfaction to the wind and embrace this moment. Enjoying who we are (not who we want/ are told to be,) I want you each to think of three things; just three, for you, and anyone listening, to remember life is beautiful.

Revelations of right now:

1. There are very big flowers on my street. I never even knew.
Take a look what's growing near you.
Sit and watch them; the way they dance in the wind,
the patterns on their petals, The pollen on your fingers.
Don't pick any, they're alive too. Admire them.

2. Tired of meaningless conversations and idle chit chat? Practice talking to birds.
If you hear one singing outside your window, sing back.
You might just find a new friend, with a fresh take on conversation.

3. Hands have the most wonderfully intricate patterns, nooks and crannies.
i've used ' knowing it like the back of my hand' as long as i can remember,
but i've only now realised i've used it somewhat falsely... I don't know the back of mine at all!
Spend a good ten minutes looking at your's sometime. You wont be disappointed!

I hope you all know just how incredible you are.