a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Monday, October 25, 2010

This Weekend

Toasted cheese sandwiches and standing in the rain. I did so enjoy catching raindrops with my tongue while you laughed at with me. Kookaburra spotting and contemplating the scientific principles behind lightning strikes. Our guitars and my ukulele; Angus and Julia, Jon Swift, First Aid Kit and you; the best combination. Thankyou.

Sometimes i think that you're like an anchor sitting beneath the waves,
all calm and collected, while i'm the little sailboat up above,
that would be drowning if you weren't there.
You always have the right thing to say when there are tears on my face,
and never once do you hesitate to kiss them away. Thankyou.
Even with Sunday night,
Even with me being somehow everywhere and nowhere,
You sat there beside and didn't move.
You painted arrows on your arms to make me feel better,
and i painted a feather on my wrist. Thankyou.
You make everything magical.You make everything surreal and more real simultaneously.
Blessed has a whole new meaning.