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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That's It. I'm Back. (With A Suprise!)

So recently i have loitered into a state of blogging
These last few weeks have felt terrible,
i've hated myself for it,
and i'm ending the sillyness now.

Well, after this ridiculous picture of me attempting
to walk the dog while eating icecream.
(and by ice cream i mean a Splice, so it's totally justifiable)

I think the problem is a lack of time to just be inspired. Life's been full of assessments and responsibilities, anxiety and things to do. Worst of all i've had all these brilliant ideas and potential projects floating round in my head, without time to express them, which has been crippling me completely. So here we go. Every day or two i am going to take half an hour and release the pent-up whimsicality inside of me. No excuses. I'm going to be me again (i think that's what i have been missing!) To begin with, here's a little suprise for today's Love Letter Wednesday:

(The original love note i told you about!!)
(please excuse the dodgyness of my scanning skills)

It was hiding in a drawer of misplaced, scribbled-on things i'd forgotten existed! I can't get over how perfectly romantic it is; and how i could possibly have been so lucky to find it tucked in the pages of my library book. G, whoever you are, you did good Kid. And as if the poem wasn't enough, the card itself is magical. Take a look :
I've also started a creative journal/scrapbook,
the pages of which i will be sharing with you as we go along.
Here's a scribbletty 5 minute taste:
I don't know her name,
but she lives deep in the seasalted shadows of driftwood jetties,
collecting fishing hooks and the like.