a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Friday, October 22, 2010


Once upon a time
their was a girl.
She had freckles in summer, cardigans in winter and beautiful eyes all year round.

She caught dreams
for a living
and spelt love

but it didnt
because she
made it work
that way.

The girl lived in the arms of a mulberry tree;
that liked to make the soles of your feet and your nails and your tongue
all purple and blue, like bruises but tastier.
She knew that for every bucket of berries was a leg of cuts and scratches. She knew that the best berries were the highest and hardest to find. And she knew that when you found one, you ate it straight off the tree, regardless of the stranger with the tarp underneath shaking the branches.
Best of all was her voice,
like sunshine and rain all mixed up together;
dancing off the lamp posts and mailboxes on Sundays.
Some thought she was a mermaid who abandoned the sea.
Others, the last real gypsy.
But the real truth, the whispered truth,
was that she was e v e r y t h i n g
b u n d l e d t o g e t h e r.
u m b r e l l a s, d e w d ro p s, s a ndy kn e e s,
ha rm o n i sed t u nes hu m m ed in sl ee p,
the c ol o u r of the s k y when a l l
but the s u n is l e f t.