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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Letter Wednesday: A million kisses.

'-our family lives what they are, and as long as we are together rain or shine will be ok. i hope you recieved the LA in postal orders alright dear. a bit of luck wasn't it darling. well sweetheart, i think thats all the news or this time. i will write again as soon as possible, meanwhile all my love darling, a million kisses and God bless. Your ever loving husband, Ray. P.s. love and regards to Rex De and Joan and tell them it won't be long now.'
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A Note of relative importance: Last week was a pretty intense time over this end, with uni and family and whatnot like you wouldnt beleive! Hence i have been a little slow in posting , and i really am sorry- but i'm all in again from today my Sweets! I hope your springs and autumns are bringing you many a mixed weathered joy, and your hearts are sunny always.