a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Skeleton Forest

I heard the wind one morning, clear
in hurried whispers draw me near
to take the rowboat from the pier,
and out towards the ghost trees steer.
Soldiers strong they used to be,
their shields of green as armoury
with boughs like bows held out to sea,
to fight their high-tide enemy.

But now they stand in disarray
their feet held fast in rusted clay,
armour gone and silvered grey
an army lost to time's decay.
Sitting there, my oars aside,
i heard the creaks of broken pride
i saw the hollowed rings inside,
and felt the cold, cruel, creeping tide.

Then all at once my strength was gone
i hadn't power to row on,
and would have drowned had not a song
of many voices sounded strong.
Overhead bright finches flew
each found a branch to perch onto
and then the wind spoke soft and true
'from humbled pride comes life anew.'

Striped cotton shirt: thrifted (Salvation Army)
Shorts: Diy/ thrifted: (Vinnies)
Black canvas tackies: Target
Sunglasses: Vintage

P.s. This is the last installment of our holiday adventures; the best one too! My sister and i took off on our own little expedition; kayaking up the river to visit our favourite secret location; the skeleton forest we 'discovered' and named about 2 years ago. It was just how i remembered it. There is nothing quite like being in a place where all you can hear is the ripples of the water 'round silvered tree trunks, birds calling to one another from somewhere you can't quite see and the wind whistling through old branches. It was so beautiful I really couldn't help but write a poem about it! Though all the nostalgia is making me miss it already.
I hope your dreams are coming true.