a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Letter Wednesday: A street that leads everywhere, but yet nowhere.

Two years ago

i borrowed a book from the library
and found a lost love note nestled in it's pages.
It was fairly simple, a little poem written on the inside of a faded card, signed with a name i couldn't read. There was no envelope with a return address to send it to, so i subtley kept it as a sort of reminder that there is still a bit of the magic left in the world. It has lived on my dressing table ever since, until this weekend, when just as i went to scan it for you to see, i discovered that it had decided to leave without even a goodbye.
So in honor of the little lost love note on my dresser,
i give you
Love Letter Wednesday.

(Lost love note, found by chimatli)

'-but between others you have brought here. my mind works in overtime. I'm sure you can't tell me it doesn't remind you of your past. sitting here, in this chair, i can see the outside, and where it leads. a path to the street, a street that leads everywhere,but yet nowhere.my direction is that in which only you now direct. it scared me to think we are not going to make it. i love you. it only hurts when i know in reality that nothing lasts forever, and everything that starts has an ending. and for some reason, i can't shake this feeling. My big decision for the day is what is on the menu for tonight, waiting for your call tonight, waiting to hear you say you love me and making all of this letter senseless. i need to care of you. i need to know what i do for you is right and the love i give is returned.'