a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pretty As A Picture.

I love Art Galleries.
I love their their feel, their smell, and their silence.
I love the clack clack clacking of shoe heels on the floorboards
and the accompanying whispers of their speculative owners.
I love the texture of the brushstrokes on the canvas
and imagining the hand that put them there.
I love knowing picture-taking is illegal,
but doing it anyway.

I love that there are whole rooms devoted
to plaster frames hanging on strings,
and that though you may get lost amongst them,
you will always somehow find yourself standing by the exit
once you have seen all there is left to see.
I love inspecting the detail
on greater-than-life-sized colonels
alabaster aphrodites,
hands, feet and inanimate objects.
I love the experience of standing in front of a wall
covered in mountains and sky,
knowing that the person next to me
is seeing it in a completely different way,
and that like me;
they didn't have to pay for it.
I love the titles artists give their works.
sometimes even more than the works themselves.
I love contemplating whether that smudge
was intentional or by accident.
I love playing with the creaks in the floor
and the brushes on the escalators.
I love the thought of gallery staff
having to piece together prestigious installations
like Ikea furniture.
But most of all, I love that in an art gallery;
there is nothing right or wrong.
That life, love and everything else
is what you make it to be.
(Pictures from our recent magnificent trip to the New South Wales Art Gallery)