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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aritzia Spring/Summer Lookbook 2010

One of the things i tend to not-like-so-much about spring/summer lines is their occasional refusal to aknowledge that spring is an in-between season. Stores are filled with thin cotton and cheesecloth as if they are trying to pretend winter never happened- Which is all fine and dandy until a cold front blows in and suddenly all your newly purchased treasures are rendered useless! Not so Aritzia!
Their spring/summer line has the most wonderful range of dreamy cotton shirts and shorts as well as deliciously comforting items like hoodies, knits and boots for colder spring days. I am therefore, kind-of, maybe, just a little bit in love. i would take each and every piece home with me, were it not for the moths living in my wallet where my finances should be. This frustration is perfectly (if not a little precociously) articulated by the The Flying Lizards.
And just for the record,
I am desperately craving summer.