a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look How They Shine For You.

When was the last time
You really saw the stars?
Not just glimpsed them
through the haze of streetlamp fluorescence,
Or briefly acknowledged their existence
with a glance on your way
to somewhere,
But watched them, breathed them in,
and became lost in their glow?When was the last time you sought them out?Away from the concrete, iron and gravel,
the traffic, sirens and radio chatter?To a quiet place... A lonely place.A-pebbles-underfoot, dew-on-the-grass,
smell-of-rain sort of place.
There, where it's pitch black
(but you can still feel everything perfectly)And silence is fixed in the roar of the sea
and the whisper of the wind weaving though
the green blades under your fingertips.
Lie back and let the ground embrace you.
Then, simply,
up.There is magic in the stars.
You can feel it the minute you open your eyes to their light.Like moths to a lamp,
We are drawn to their splendour in a way we can't explain...And it secretly terrifies us.
Perhaps we are afraid of the
watching them brings;The realization that for all the complexities
philosophies, momentary disorder
and possible
concequences of right-this-moment, There are still things in existence
we cannot properly see
let alone fully comprehend.

The fact that those same flecks of silver
have watched empires
rise and fall,
break and mend,
end and begin;And yet still they remain,
as beautiful as the day they were first created.
And it defies comprehension that these vast,
whitehot, burning masses of plasma Can be reduced to minute pinpricks of light
in our velveteen sky And still, somehow,
captivate us
from lightyears away.

Perhaps that is why
when you open your eyes
and really see the stars,
when you drink them in
and open your ears
to the name they sing,

You can't help but breathe deep.
And perhaps there also lies the reason
why we so often avoid looking up...
Because we know if we were to start...
we may never stop.