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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Exerpt From The Diary Of An Oddity.

Monday: Read the encyclopedia britannica upside down.

Tuesday: Brushed teeth with bath water.

Wednesday: Walked a day in the sister's shoes. Got blisters.

Thursday: Found the unfaded patch of floorboard under the dresser particularily intriguing.

Friday: Bought a goldfish. kept it in the sugar bowl.

Saturday: Made tea.

Sunday: Bought a new goldfish.
I'm not quite sure where my head is at today.
But i keep telling myself things can't be overly terrible, as i am on HOLIDAY, at a wonderful little coastal caravan park 6 hours out of Sydney. There is no phone reception, and this is my first use of internet sice we got here (hence the lack of replies to comments and images in this post). On the plus side, the weather is a good 4 degrees warmer than Sydney, which means shorts in winter are actually concievable, plus there are huge pods of dolphins (you can even surf with them!) hillsides with long grass, old paint-peeled bridges, sand dunes and wonderful go-on-forever beaches, which i shall share with you in picture form when i get back.
i have also had time to read.
And to think.
Which i seem to need alot at the moment.
Much Love.