a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eagles and Daisyfields: A One-Post Book.

Prologue: Lets peer at the sun through dandelions;
you take my hand, i won't forget to remember.
The grass is growing up to meet our knees,
And the willow fronds crown our heads-
Their leaves and stems and flowers all turning golden;
As the sun takes it's leave.

Chapter 1.

Fly like a wild thing!

Let the wind whip our ankles
and watch as we just laugh and fly faster.

Listen to the whirring of the swallow
and the swish of the grasstalks.
Close your eyes.
the all encompassing raindrop chorus.
The air tastes like peppermint and it stretches out
like a curtain of grey smoke around my waist. There's icicles on your jumper and frost on my cheek,But we won't let on we've noticed.(And all the while, our reflections chase us through the little oceans pooling under our feet)

With the rain kissing your face
you'll look at me from wherever you are,
and i'll smile because i'll feel it
without even turning my head.

Then I'll let my hair stream out behind
if you promise promise promise to grab my shoulders
when i go too fast and you almost lose me.

And you never do let it get to more-than-almost.


The soil.
The soil is cool and rich and alive.
As we race along,
I can feel it's heart beating with my feet
while the rain keeps time.

One two.
One two.One two.
And on
And on and on
And on and on and on
Until suddenly my breath is my feet
And my fee
t are the ground
And the ground
is beating
To the drum in my chest.
So that everything is wonderful.
and beautiful.
and perfect.
you are here,
and the stars are shining.

When i put my hand out,
please hold it for me.
When i hum a song,
please sing it with me.
When i open my mouth
and words finally come out,
you can keep them,
if you like.

I don't know how to make nothings into somethings
any more than i ever did,
But lets be