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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Word Of The Day: Sometimes.

Some: used with uncountable nouns or plural countable nouns to mean ‘an amount of’ or ‘a number of’, when the amount or number is not given. Times: Events or occasions that experience in a particular way.

Sometimes you wake up to find things different.
Sometimes you can reorganise every inch of your room
only to discover the claustrophobia isn't a result
of your immediate circumstance.
Sometimes the words you need to say most,
don't want to be found.
Sometimes the sky outside will seem grey,
regardless of what the little man with the suit
tries to tell you on the weather channel.Sometimes the only thing to do is cry and cry
until you have to wade to the kitchen and drink three litres of water
to survive the irony of dehydration.
Sometimes you can't expect the unexpected.
(thats what the 'un-' part is for)
you can read a word over and over and over
until it doesn't make sense anymore
and looks wrong and all you can think of is
whoever came up with it
must have been terrible at spelling.

And Sometimes,
Just Sometimes,things
than you

could ever
have imagined.

(Angmoo,Lina Lemon,Little Miss Kitty,WorkingOnADream,Elsvo,Jaypeg,White Rabbit Press, Fmk,M.geven,Tetsushi_d.)