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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tallowwoods & Tollywongs

October, i can finally start moonlighting
as a folk festival connoisseur.

(It only takes 5 easy steps)

(TopFoto Woodstock Gallery)
1. Find someone amazing.
2. Find a folk festival
(we are going with the
Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass variety)(Dorrigo Plateau Gallery -a little of Blue Ridge Mountains perhaps?)
3. Formulate a festival plan of epic proportions:
(Bill Eppridge)
Exemplar: The year will be assumed to be 1969. A tiedying day shall occur beforehand, the products of which shall be worn with gumboots and sunglasses whenever possible (regardless of the weather). A uke and harmonica will be bought for the occasion; and shall be appropriately named over the course of our trip. Johnny Took, Monsters of Folk, and the Boat That Rocked soundtrack will be played continually. Songs will be written, friendship lanyards and daisy chains made and a photo album filled. Finally, after the amazing banjo/harmonica/folk times are had (alongside numerous slushies) we will arrive home severely skilled in our various musical disciplines.

4. Somehow survive the excruciating wait until the adventure begins. Music from the 60's folk revivial is a suggested aid for more prolonged waiting periods:

5. Folk it up.
On a slightly creepier note, I have been having the most random reoccuring dream. I'm in a room with yellow wallpaper. It's filled with people in casual 70's wear all talking at the same time while 'Lets Dance To Joy Division' plays ridiculously loud somewhere in the background. I wake up suddenly, and the song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day. This is the third morning it has happened. I've tried listening to it again just in case my subconcious is trying to convey a secret message, but as of yet i've found zilch.
Any ideas?