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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OshKosh B'GOSH.

During a morning stroll around my usual internet hangouts, i stumbled across....

I'm not talking about the cutoff shorts/ ABBA's horrendously feminine 'guys can wear them too' variety here, but the full length, A-grade, i-can-do-anything-in-you denim. I'm not sure Ralph Lauren or Jean Paul Gaultier could have got it more right unless they happened to be secretly working for Oshkosh B'Gosh.

For years i have been trawling my local opp-shops in the hopes of locating a vintage pair of overalls that match up to the Oshkosh standard. Sadly, as of yet, the only full-length ones i've found have been man/toddler sized. Still, one can dream.. and with this new catwalk trend, who knows- maybe we will all have the option of purchasing a brand-spanking-new pair sometime soon!

I love thee, Dungarees.

When i was a girl in primary school
Nothing seemed to fit;
Dresses were too long to run in,
Shorts too short to sit.

Our stockings itched and prickled us,
Our shoes forever pinched,
And just when they would finally fit,
We'd quickly grow an inch!

I thought such woes would never end
Until one day i saw,
Hanging from the monkey bars
The answer to it all:

A girl...
A girl....
She skipped and jumped and ran with ease!
With added holes around her knees,
To act as freely as she pleased!