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Monday, April 5, 2010

Craving Winter

Winter! Winter! Cold and rain and fog and clouds.
To watch the water droplets race down your window, and the hat rack disappear under a wonderfully obscure tangle of knitted complexity. When hot chocolate shifts from a treat to necessity, and life seems to circulate around electric blankets, heaters and hot baths. Where breath suddenly becomes visible, and misty prose magically appears on schoolbus windows- Oh! How pleasant the secreting away of oneself under a multitude of layers; The stockings, socks and woollen scarves, boots and knitted caps and gloves! When the cold kisses your cheeks and settles on the tip of your nose, and still, somehow, your insides remain just as warm as when you left home..


As you can probably guess, I have been having a little love affair with winter recently. And coats. ..and scarves too. We had a cold couple of cold days last week, which suddenly reminded me just how wonderful feeling warm and cosy can be. So when I woke up on Tuesday to the sound of rain on my roof, and the prospect of finally being able to wear my thick vintage tweed coat (conveniently bought a few months ago at a vinnie's $1 clearance sale) I was shall we say, just a little excited. Unfortunately, i so loved the feeling of being rugged up, I have now stubbornly refuse to dress in anything but winter-esqe clothing, even when the suns out.

Ah well, I suppose one can always dream.