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Monday, February 1, 2010

Up and Down There it Goes

These last two weeks have been absorbed by a whole lot of camping, organising, journalling, and cleaning! We travelled for a few days to Bendalong, this amazing little spot down the coast, right on the beach. A bit of rock pool investigating, some casual swimming, countless cups of tea and half a dozen parrots later, i got home to the exciting prospect of work crew on YL Summer Camp!!! Then came uni enrollment (yeah arts/science!) and a whole lot of musical discoveries, including:

Also, i found out that Rob Bell's talks can be freely downloaded (with complete legitimacy) here! (thanks Lich!) Getting back, things have been so incredibly full on that i feel as though my head may just implode. what with the impending uni preparations, setting up the etsy store, stepping up into youth leadership and juggling our groups drama practice/performances until the 12th, i am ready to trek it out into the wilderness and become a hermit. no joke.

(right now, even the hermit-beans look good!)(1970s Photoset: Tuckerman Ravine by Nick DeWolf )