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Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh, Wow.

I have developed an official case of awesomeness-envy.
After watching 2 seasons worth of Skins, asking 'what would Cassie wear?' has become part of my morning routine. Is this normal? Probably not. Do i like it? YES.

Who could possibly forget that skeleton dress, oversized sailor shirt and blazer/keyring combo? Not to mention the wondrous gravity-defying mass of curls, teasing and clips that is her hair... i wish i could steal her and keep her in my closet! Most of all, i love Cassie's personality- yes, she's messed up, but the way she manages to shine through it all, being perfectly magical along the way is absolutely amazing.

Moral of the story:
Characters =Real people
Cassie= Pure awesomeness.