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Friday, December 11, 2009


It's June ag'in, an' in my soul I feel the fillin' joy
That's sure to come this time o' year to every little boy;
For, every June, the Sunday-schools at picnics may be seen,
Where "fields beyont the swellin' floods stand dressed in livin' green";
Where little girls are skeered to death with spiders, bugs, and ants,
An' little boys get grass-stains on their go-to meetin' pants.
It's June ag'in, an' with it all what happiness is mine -
There's goin' to be a picnic, an' I'm goin' to jine!
- Eugene Field

I recently attended a friend's lawn party, where each guest was asked to bring some food to share. My plate of Snickers cookies looked awfully lonely until i made these little guys. Who knew watermelon could look so cute? Furthermore, Cookie cutters now rank 5 points higher in the 'usefulness' category.

The party was wonderful- there was a great turnout and such an abundance of food that even the seats of the picnic tables were covered with homemade delicacies! The spread was right out of an Enid Blyton novel, with brownies, cupcakes, savoury muffins, fairy bread and plaid picnic rugs as far as the eye could see.
i now have a distinct urge to put on a pair of plimsolls and explore the bottom of the garden.

Any takers?