a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DIY: Canvas Silhouettes

You will need:
- a small canvas ( i used 5x7 inch)
- scissors
- masking tape
- a thin-tipped black sharpie
- a flat-topped lamp/ lampshade
- a paper picture of a silhouette that takes your fancy

1. Cut your chosen image to fit the back of the canvas
2. Stick it down with masking tape
Note: To prepare your silhouette image, get a black and white photo up on photoshop, and crank up the 'contrast'. You can then play around with the brightness until it's to your liking. It also helps to have a canvas with a thinner frame, and to align and stick your paper image carefully, as only the part of the image that sits within the frame will be visible to trace. Finally, try to stick it so that the paper makes as much contact with the canvas material as possible; to maximise the detail when you trace it.

3. Place canvas face up onto the top of your lamp
4. Let there be light!
5. Using your thin-tipped sharpie, trace away!
Note: be sure (if you are right handed like me) to trace from left to right, thus avoiding nasty smudges! If smudges do occur, a little bit of toner on the corner of a tissue will help remove them.

6. Voila! Display your canvas silhouette for all the world to see!