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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Whimsical Adventure

Just imagine; you're driving along, looking for a place to camp. Your car is filled with tents, sleeping bags and an assortment of other less useful items, and Django Reinhardt plays from the stereo. After following a dusty dirt 'road', you happen upon a small campsite right on the banks of a river, within a valley of trees and orange-stone cliffs. The river is adorned with a little jetty, and tiny silver fish dart to and fro in the shallows. Your tent faces a field where dandelions are in tall supply, and is encircled by a beautiful mini-forest of pine trees.

Suddenly, your phone alarm goes off. Bleary eyed, you begrudgingly crawl out of your sleeping bag. You open the tent zipper to realise with uncontained elation that your wonderful riverbank/dandelion/pine tree-infused-dream is in fact reality!

So it was, quite by accident, on our weekend jaunt! We drove a sum total of 90minutes from the city, and found a place that felt a million miles away. The whole atmosphere was so gorgeous that half the time i just lay in the grass listening to the wind, which crept through the tree branches in such a way that it sounded as if the forest was singing. no joke. Even crazier, the whole place felt completely out of time (think the 'in between world' in the Magicians Nephew) i found myself asking questions like 'i wonder how everyone is going back at home?' after only an hour! Furthermore, when i started recognising street signs on the drive back, i acted like a 12 year old coming home from a three week camp, though we only left home yesterday. Overall, The whole experience can only be described as magical.

What whimsical places have you been to?