You Are Altogether Lovely

a creative encouragement project by Sarah J. Kass

Friday, October 10, 2014

More Than Just Getting By

People have sometimes told me that 'life is hard' 
As a way to frame things that have happen to us,
And describe what to expect in our futures.

But I choose to believe that Life 
Is not that way at all.  
 Life is the beautiful, 
Amazing and awe-inspiring experience of being alive.

 Life is the moments that make us draw breath, and remember we can breath at all.  Life is the things that prick our hearts and that teach us to run again like children.  Life is not dark, life is the moments in between the patches of darkness;  life is the amazing sunset you see on a day heavy with rain.  

So we do not have to accept it when people 
Respond to our dreams or our anguish by saying that
'life is hard'. 

 Because, yes, heartache and pain are hard.
Struggles will happen and things may occur that break our spirits and hurt our hearts in ways we Could never have imagined.
But whatever happens to us, whatever hardship,
Whatever the valley we walk through, whatever the darkness: 

There is Life within our bones,
And although we may have to wait a little while for the the storm to pass us,
It won't be long until our sky radiates with the sun's light again. 


Saturday, April 5, 2014


You are not just a name.
You are more than just a character.
When i look at you i see all the things you could be in one heartbeat.
But what is more, i see what you Already Are.
 A Dear One.
A Treasure.
You are Found.
You have a power inside of you that cannot be quenched by another person's dreams, 
for it was made to be whole only through possessing and attaining your own.
 Follow me and 
Dream big.
Dream bigger, 
Now you have it!
The dream you were made for,
The dream that was designed for you.
You were made to be this stroke in history.
This stroke in time is yours, so now, Dearest One
Take It.

Sarah J.

Tell me,

{Amazing print by Katie Daisy}


She walked into the woodland-
 not as one venturing from home,
But as one returning.

Sarah J.


 The road less travelled: It is the one that allows you to find yourself again. The road which leads to places you don't know, but which you know are blessings, each and every one. The road less travelled is travelled in restful steps, secretive somewhat, because it is the track that others struggle to find. But once you have it, oh! Such life, it positively grows alongside you. Feel the air moving about you, wishing you on. Hear the trees calling 'Come. We have an answer for your heartstrings. It's here in his arms. Hear the birds sing, they 'll tell you so too.'And your heart walks you forward, for it knows this to be true.

Sarah J

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love is on The Way.

He is the one who will love you always.
Not a day goes by when his thoughts do not cherish you.
You are a treasure, his light, He waits with kind eyes to hold your hand through life.
Through the thick weeds and the briars, his arms will hold you strong.
Through the darkest time you've known, his soft words carry you on:
'Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am yours,
I will strengthen you and help you, my dearest darling one.'
Then Dearest, when you follow His path,
 Do not be afraid.
Love is on the way.